Joven madre se llena de aplausos por mostrar su cuerpo real tras dar a luz

Hoy en día está muy de moda compartir todo a través de imágenes y si es por Instagram mucho mejor. Muchas suelen utilizar filtros o arreglar un poco su apariencia, no obstante, una joven madre se ha llevado los aplausos por mostrar su cuerpo real tras dar a luz.

Se trata de Mia Redworth, una mujer de 20 años quien tuvo una cesárea y vio cómo su cuerpo cambió de la noche a la mañana.

“Mi estómago parecía un globo reventado, tenía estrías oscuras por todas partes, a pesar de que utilicé montones de cremas durante el embarazo”, señaló la joven según consignó Y hoy está empeñada en hacer que otras se unan al cambio de lo positivo y no se avergüencen de su cuerpo.

“¡Las mamás deben mostrar el cuerpo real después de un niño para apoyarse mutuamente y normalizarlo! Mi cuerpo fue el hogar de un pequeño ser humano durante casi 10 meses, no va a ser igual ni será el mismo después de eso, pero con cada imperfección hay una historia y belleza. (…) No hay nada de lo que avergonzarme”, escribió en una de sus fotos.


You don’t need surgery to transform your body! I believe we should all love ourselves and any “imperfections” we might have but if you do really want to change yourself you can safely with the right attitude, diet and working out 💪🏾 my body has completely changed just from eating as clean&lean as possible (but not starving myself or depriving myself of anything!!), making sure I drink enough water and lifting weights. It is so difficult to change your mind to live a different lifestyle but once you do and see results it becomes so much easier…and fun! Posting this #transformationtuesday to give you a little motivation and the push to finally start achieving your body goals while you love yourself! I think I look amazing in both pictures but I wanted to make and change so I did 👊🏾💗 #postpartumfitness #fitmum #csection #bodypositive

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Swipe 👉🏾 #transformationtuesday .. Weight loss gummies, appetite suppressing lollipops, weightlosss tea and crash diets didn’t get me to the point I’m at now. Simple healthy eating and lifting weights helped me burn fat and build muscle 💪🏾 do not waste your money on these quick fixes they are all SCAMS!! They profit from you failing because if you fail then you have to buy more 🤷🏽‍♀️ i will admit I tried and even shared the start of a detox no bloating cleanse last year but after the 30 days i was more bloated and in real PAIN!! 💩 These things are not good for your body and do more damage than good (trust me I will never go anywhere near a “detox” tea again in my life). Please stop buying into false promises even if it’s your favourite celeb/Instagram girl promoting it because 9 times out of 10 if she’s really into fitness/health there’s no way in hell she eats or drinks any of this crap because it doesn’t work!!!! Make healthier choices in the meals you eat and try to be as active as possible. You will see results 🙌🏾 hard work always pays off and slow progress is better than no progress. Don’t hurt your body just to speed things up because it will happen in the end anyway, take care of yourself, eat real food don’t starve yourself and don’t feed money into a system begging for you to fail ❤ #postpartumfitness #looseskin #fitmum #mumbodsmatter

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